‘Scoops’ Athlete of the Week – Stephen Girimonte!

KC Swim School Awards 2015!


Each summer the instructors come together to pick a handful of swimmers that have shown exceptional hard work, dedication, and positive attitude. Here is a look at the 2015 award winners! Congratulations everyone

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What happens after Level 10?!


Swimmers who have completed Red Cross level 10 are ready to move onto the next stage of lessons.The focus then switches from strokes and technique to first aid and lifesaving strategies. The next 3 levels after completing level 10 are run by the Lifesaving Society. Bronze Star, Bronze Medallion and…

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Water Safety in Addition to Skills


Though important, swimming skills alone aren’t always enough to save a life. Many drowning incidents involve other factors that swimming skills alone cannot prepare an individual for. Learning water safety-such as how to prepare for an emergency, and what to do if one should occur-is key to preventing an emergency…

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