Lifesaving Society – Swim for Life

Lifesaving Society – Swim for Life

KC Swim School is a registered Authorized Provider with the Lifesaving Society Swim for Life Program

Lifesaving Society Swim for Life: Parent and Tot and Preschool Programs

The Lifesaving Society parent and tot program is geared for swimmers ages 4 months to 3 years.  At KC Swim School, parents are given the option to join us in the water or to observe from the side.  Since the lessons are private, a parent is not required to assist in the water.  

The Lifesaving Society Preschool program is for swimmers ages 3-5 years of age with a focus on gaining confidence around the water and having fun developing a foundation of water schools.

Lifesaving Society Swim for Life Swimmer levels and Canadian Swim Patrol

Lifesaving Society Swimmer levels are a 6- level program for children ages 5 and up, focusing on developing sold swimming strokes and skills.  The program also actively engages students in the importance of water safety, first aid techniques, and increasing fitness endurance.  The focus for this program is on individual achievement and developing a cycle of success geared toward children.


Lifesaving Society Swim Patrol continue to develop swimmers’ strokes as well as provide a foundation to prepare them for the Lifesaving Society’s Bronze medal awards. 


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